High Holy Days-Services at Temple Beth Israel in Bay City

Sept 4-Erev Rosh Hashanah: 7:30PM-Oneg to follow

Sept 5,6-Rosh Hashanah: 10AM both days. Luncheon on Sept 5, (noon).

Tashlich service at the Tridge in Midland on Sept 5 @ 4PM

Sept 13-Kol Nidrei: 7:30PM: Torah Holders for Midland: Shelly Messing, Rudy Salinger, Alan Potoff

Sept 14-Yom Kippur: Morning service:  10AM


Afternoon service: 4:30PM

Closing service: 5:30PM

6:00PM- break the fast following closing service. RSVP info will be forthcoming.


Sept 27/28-Simchat Torah-Rabbi Bahle Weekend - Temple Beth El

Sept 27-6:30PM, potluck dinner. Organizer needed. Please contact Shelly Messing

Light Candles-Carol Messing

Take out Torahs-Will be assigned before the Hakafot. Several carriers will be needed for the seven processions around the sanctuary.

Aliyot-Rabbi Bahle will assign at service.

Read Parsha in English-Rudy Salinger

Hagbah/Gelilah-Jeff and Cathy Bartner


Saturday-Sept  28: 10AM

Study session with Rabbi Bahle

Bagel brunch to follow-organizer needed. Contact Shelly Messing


Oct 4-6: Visiting Artist, Sheldon Low-Temple Beth Israel, Bay City  Details To Follow

Oct 11-7:30PM Friday –Temple Beth El

Leader-Shelly Messing

Light Candles-Anne Canvasser

Take Out Torah-Stu Frohm

Blessings Before/After Torah Reading-Joe Shlien

Read Parsha and D’Var Torah-Rudy Salinger

Host Families: Graiver/Bartner


Oct 25/26: Rabbi Bahle Weekend – Temple Beth El

Oct 25-6:30PM, potluck dinner. Organizer needed. Contact Shelly Messing

Light Candles-Joyce Potoff

Take out Torah-Mike Stein

Aliyot-Rabbi To Assign

Read Parsha in English-Carol Messing

Hagbah/Gelilah-Stu and Johanna Frohm


Saturday, Oct 26 10AM

Study session with Rabbi Bahle

Bagel brunch to follow-organizer needed. Contact Shelly Messing


Nov 8-7:30PM Friday-Temple Beth El

Leader: Rudy Salinger

Light Candles-Sharon Salinger/Phyllis Shlien

Take Out Torah-Jake Steinermann

Blessings Before/After Torah Reading-Alan Potoff

Read Parsha and D’Var Torah-Shelly Messing

Host Families: Weitz/Shlien


Nov 22-7:30PM Friday-Temple Beth El

Leader: Joe Shlien

Light Candles-Mary Graiver

Take Out Torah-Shelly Messing

Blessings Before/After Torah Reading-Stu Frohm

Read Parsha in English and D’Var Torah-D. Waldman

Host Families: Waldman/Frohm


Dec 6/7-Rabbi Bahle Weekend:  (Belated) Chanukah Celebration  due to Chanukah conflict with Thanksgiving

Dec 6: 6:30PM-Potluck Dinner; organizer needed. Contact Shelly Messing

Light Candles-Johanna Frohm

Take Out Torah-Stu Frohm

Aliyot: Rabbi To Assign

Parsha Reading in English-Joyce Potoff

Hagbah/Gelilah: Alan and Joyce Potoff


December 7: 10AM

Study session with Rabbi Bahle

Bagel brunch to follow. Organizer needed.


Dec 20-7:30PM Friday-Temple Beth El

Leader: Shelly Messing

Take out Torah-Jeff Bartner

Blessings before/after Torah reading-Rudy Salinger

Read Parsha in English and D’Var Torah-Joyce Potoff

Host Families: Messing/Potoff



It is with sadness that we report the passing of Anne Canvasser's father. Hugh A. Worcester passed away on August 8th at the age of 85, in Virginia. A memorial Mass will be held on Sunday, August 18th, at St. Luke's Anglican Catholic Church in Goochland Virginia. Our sympathy goes to all of his family.


We are looking forward to another wonderful year as we approach the start of our 2013-2014 season. The High Holy Days are almost upon us, followed by the start of our regular Friday evening service schedule.

This is the time of the year when we incur our highest expenses and request that you forward your dues payment, check payable to Temple Beth El, to our Treasurer: 

Joyce Potoff, 3440 N. Thomas Rd., Freeland, MI 48623

As always, if special arrangements need to be made, please contact Joyce or Shelly.